About GGG Games

Hi, ​I’m Dave Wetherall, the founder of GGG Games – an independent games design and publishing micro-business based in the UK.  

I’m passionate about playing all sorts of games, loving the fun you can have with family and friends. I love designing and playtesting games too.  

I started getting serious about game design in 2012 when I came up with a game system (now known as KaleidoCards)  for which I've designed many mini-games. Since then I've designed and developed a wide range of different games. This website is a chance to show some of the designs that I've been working on to pitch to publishers, as well as some of my games that have already been published like Rockpool  published by Gibsons Games.

I'm also a live roleplayer, and play a character (Lorenzo 'la Volpe' von Temeschwar) in the LARP world of Empire who runs the Guild of Good Games. I originally started hand-crafting games to play and sell in-character at Empire events. Some of these I have published in the real world following successful Kickstarter campaigns.

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