Runes Way

Runes Way is a deck of 31 hexagonal cards that are designed primarily for playing games in the live action role-playing (LARP) world of Empire which is run by Profound Decisions. Players do not need to know anything about LARP, The Empire or runes to enjoy the games or to create the Runes Way labyrinth puzzle.

Runes Way was successfully kickstarted in 2021.

 'The Runes of The Way' 

(2-6 players; 3-5 minutes or 5-10 minutes if playing with two decks). 

Players simultaneously try to collect cards from a central stack by aligning one edge of the card in their hand to the top card of the stack. When the runes on adjoining edges match, the player shouts "Runes Way!" to take the card from the stack into their hand. The winner is whoever has the most cards when the last card is taken. 


Having constructed the labyrinth, secrets can be found within by tracing the path through it. There are many hidden meanings concealed within that have theological significance in the world of Empire for those interested in the Way of Virtue and the Labyrinth of Ages.Tracing a path through part of the Runes Way Labyrinth

A bonus feature of Runes Way is that all 31 cards in a deck can be combined together as a puzzle with the runes aligning on adjacent card edges. This forms an elaborate labyrinth with gaps in the borders between and within cards forming a path which weaves a way through the smaller labyrinths in the centre of each card.