ANvil Angst

Anvil Angst is a game of Disgrace, Despair and Death set in the Live Role Playing world of Empire by Profound Decisions.

Each player is an Egregore (guiding spirit) of one of ten nations within the Empire. Within each nation there is one group of three characters who just do not fit in. Worse than that - they are the antithesis of what their nation should be: they are an Embarrassment to the Empire.

Each Egregore must humiliate and destroy their embarrassing group before the other Egregores can deal with their own embarrassments. 

During the game, players will play cards that cause events to happen to characters in their own nation’s group or characters from other nations. These events will affect their mood — some will delight characters, whereas others will disgrace them. When a character is dismayed, it becomes possible for an event to kill them. 

When all members of one group are killed, then the game ends. The winning player is the one whose embarrassing group accumulated the most despair among their living and dead characters.