Butchers Bourse

Butchers' Bourse  is an unlimited bidding game for 3-6 players designed primarily to be played in the live action roleplaying world of Empire by Profound Decisions. No knowledge of LARP or Empire is required to play or enjoy the game.

Players represent fabulously wealthy members of the Bloody Butchers Guild of Temeschwar who are seeking to acquire the most prestigious artifacts associated with the Butchers Guild. 

Players make secret bids for Artifact Cards which are revealed in turn, each with a Prestige value ranging from 1-9. Three Banker Cards (featuring Lorenzo La Volpe von Temeschwar, The Master of The Butchers Bank, who was the in-character designer of the game) are shuffled into the deck of Artifact Cards; the game ends when the third Banker Card is revealed. 

There is no limit to the amount that players can bid, although whoever has spent the most at the end of the game loses. The winner is whoever of the remaining players has the most Prestige from the artifacts they have bought.

The unlimited bidding mechanic was inspired by that used in Q.E. and Tony's Treasures.

The game is presented in a hand-crafted wooden box which matches those of other games by The Guild of Good Games in the LARP world of Empire.