Butchers vs Orcs!

Butchers vs Orcs! is a two player roll and move game. 

The theme of the game is based on in-character rivalry between the Butchers Guild and the Imperial Orcs within the Live-Role Playing world of Empire by Profound Decisions.

Players roll dice to move their pieces (representing the Butchers and the Orcs respectively) in opposite directions along a track on the board, trying to get their own pieces from their opponent's base to the safety of their own base. 

Pieces are moved and taken if landed upon in a similar way to backgammon, however two key enhancements give it more depth than classic backgammon. Firstly, the middle section of the track is a dangerous no-man's-land where pieces cannot protect each other, forcing players to judge when best to risk making a run for it. Secondly, each player has a leader which is at greater risk than other pieces, encouraging players to play tactically to protect their leaders and get them to safety.

Butchers vs Orcs! was successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter in 2017.   Butchers vs Orcs! on BoardgameGeek link