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KaleidoGames are a family of games, and games within games ,using the KaleidoCards game system.

All KaleidoGames shares characteristics of the KaleidoBrand:
 - Each game consists of a set of cards, tiles or dice with three ‘aspects’ which are colours: Word (ie the name of a colour), Background colour and Text colour;   
 - Each game has several mini-games that are quick to learn and fast to play;
 - Age 8+; 2-20 minutes/mini-game; 1-8 players, depending on the mini-game.   

Overview of KaleidoCards for Publishers

History of KaleidoCards

KaleidoCards was originally conceived in 2012 (then called ColourCards) and has been extensively playtested over many years, leading to the development of many different KaleidoGames. 

Small numbers of prototype copies have been in circulation since we exhibited and demonstrated it at various conventions in 2017 in the UK (Airecon, UK Games Expo, Handycon, What’s Your Game, ManorCon, StabCon South, Dragonmeet, London Toy Fair) and internationally (Gencon in US and Essen Spiel in Germany).

We originally planned to launch a KaleidoCards Kickstarter campaign in 2017 or 2018 but placed the project on hold whilst concentrating on developing other game designs and on running Kickstarter projects for several games by The Guild of Good Games.

In the meantime, we have been approached by various companies potentially interested in publishing KaleidoCards themselves.  

We continue to consider whether to sign the game to one of them or revert to the original plan of Kickstarting it ourselves.  

While we would very much like to Kickstart KaleidoCards and follow-up with other KaleidoGames ourselves, we will do so only if we could give the campaign our full attention.