Games Conventions

Games conventions are great places to try out a wide variety of different games with a diverse range of people.  I love to playtest designs with members of the public at conventions - a great way to see what people love about games and what makes play fun.  I also love volunteering as an ambassador at UK Games Expo where the volunteers team are awesome.  Here are some of my favourite conventions in the UK:

A Gamers' Gaming Getaway

GGG Games are helping organise a 4-day residential games convention in November 2021. This is an opportunity to have fun playing a wide variety of games face-to-face in the beautiful surroundings of Blackwell Court.  

Everyone is welcome although the event is particularly aimed at those who often work or volunteer at games events and conventions, and who may appreciate a relaxed opportunity to meet new people while playing a diverse range of  games.  

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